About Ryta Lyndley

Ryta has lived a simple, vegetarian life with Tony for the past fifteen years.

Both Ryta and Tony like to enjoy a healthy lifestyle by taking daily organic supplements, exercising and eating organically.

She enjoys her daily yoga and Reiki practice.

Her hobbies include reading, gardening, cookery, healthy eating, dancing, walking, swimming and other healthy active pursuits. Her interests are many and include all things green and organic nutritionally, as well as photovoltaic panels, water harvesting, sun tunnels and other energy saving devices.

She never had any aspiration to be a writer until one day she heard a voice in her head saying “Get on with the book.” At first she ignored this advice, but it became more insistent so she capitulated, sat down and said “Ok God what do you want me to write about?”

Three months and 30,000 words later the first book an autobiography was completed, its title “Small to Medium.”

She has been told this has inspired and encouraged others along their various paths. After selling 1000 copies it is now in its second print. She was asked for a sequel this is titled “Appointment to View.”

“The Tales of Brick Kiln Brook and Dingle Ditch series started because she felt children would like to read stories about animals being kind to one another, cooperation and recycling. This would encourage them to empathise with nature and wildlife.

Now these subjects are covered in most children’s curriculum at school.


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