Thank you for visiting my new website. There are now four books in the ‘Tales of Brick Kiln Brook and Dingle Ditch’ series you can purchase them all on line HERE!

Through my writing for children, my greatest wish is to promote my own love for the countryside and its wildlife.

The Northamptonshire landscape is both beautiful and inspiring, and wanting to impart my passion for nature in my writing, I carefully considered values taught within the school curriculum. These including kindness, cooperation, anti-bullying, recycling and the diversity of the human family and to, the idea of old fashioned family values finding a place in my story lines.

A unique additional educational tool is the glossary at the back of the book. This explains the highlighted word in green in the text, so the readers are able to expand their vocabulary. This makes the content educational as well as fun.

So, thank you again for spending time finding out about me the writer, and why I write books for children.

If your children’s imagination has been positively engaged whilst reading these stories, I would love to hear from you, please come back to my website and tell me.

Ryta Lyndley. X


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