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Join Benny the Cat and his friends as they enjoy adventures in Brick Kiln Brook.

• Follow Benny into Nina’s garden where he meets some stroppy chickens and a grumpy bigger cat who learns a lesson in being friendly.

• Discover who saves Hermione Hedgehog after her family are taken to a rescue centre and she is left behind.

• Meet Daphne Duck as she raises her baby ducklings  and learns about the predators roaming in Brick Kiln Brook.

• Find out what happens to Matylda the Mouse when she decides to explore a nearby house and gets trapped. Can she escape and rejoin her best friend Marmaduke?

• A unique additional educational tool is the glossary at the back of the book. This explains the highlighted word in green in the text, so the readers are able to expand their vocabulary. This makes the content educational as well as fun.

This is the second book in the Tales of Brick Kiln Brook and Dingle Ditch series continuing the educational, green and wildlife theme.
Each of the stories looks at how animals interact with each other and encourages children to learn about wildlife and how to treat the animals living alongside them, in turn helping them to integrate better with their peers.

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