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My first book “Small to Medium.” autobiographical, volume one has sold 1000 copies.

This first volume, written some years ago is still selling successfully. Writing my autobiography took me back to childhood, reliving events some good, some not so good. Yet each step eventually moulding me into the person I am today.

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Beginning life in North London, lifting events from childhood memories I grew up, eventually to work in the retail trade. Many roles and positions followed, meeting people and making decisions each in turn with a tale to tell.

A kind man also came into my changing world, and in those days naturally marriage followed. Together we managed a public house, with more twists and turns coming in those sixteen years. Life was hard, and took its price, a divorce, and ending of pub life and life with this man. Liberation followed. My life took on a whole new dynamic!
Sadly though, trauma, drama and tragedy come as unwelcome friends. Perhaps it is coping with events, allowing the good to rise out of bad that makes us who we are. For better or for worse, life dishes up moments of grief, laughter and new roads to go down. Some of these moments; are written about in Small to Medium.

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